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Meet Our Staff

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Guy Ernst Philippi, CEO & Executive Director:

As CEO, Mr. Philippi, a graduate from Full Sail University, along with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Purdue University, has spent over two decades in the multimedia industry, creating commercials for name brand companies such as Macy's and Target stores. He also has produced commercials for Kaplan and Purdue Universities. Additionally, he has directed Channel 2 WXEL/CBS programming and helped local churches broadcast their services over a multimedia circuit during the pandemic period of our nation's operations. He has owned his for-profit company, QVP Multimedia Inc over 4 years. He has become a pillar in the South Florida community, assisting many churches here as well, as he is also running a multimedia business and school in Haiti. Recently, he received a letter of appreciation from the city of North Lauderdale for valued service throughout the community of North Lauderdale.


"I have a real passion for helping to rebuild our youth by giving them the tools to realize their goals through hands-on application and building their confidence to exceed their expectations in the multimedia field.  I will be overseeing the day-to-day operations, manage our staff, functioning as the Executive Director, helping to coordinate programs and services to better serve participants in the program."

Stephanie Clarke, Instructor for Ethics and Screenplay:

Coming from a family in the arts of music and entertainment, as a graduate of Dillard High School of Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, I have held roles in She Stoops To Conquer and Brigadoon.  I have also held back-up supporting roles in dance choreography and vocals for Music Man and The Wiz. Additionally, I have written over 40 poems, 3 of which have been inspiring enough to be accompanied with music. 

Having successful teaching experience for over 25 years, teaching from ages 5 and up, I have utilized my passion for helping my students to capture the best potential they can reach and build confidence in their abilities.

My hope is to help each student feel out various areas to explore where they will eventually land a goal or career of their choice.

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Friendly Cherubin, Instructor for Photography:

Born and raised in Haiti, for the last decade a current resident of Fort Lauderdale, a husband of 15 years, father of 1, I am a professional portrait/wedding/fashion photographer of 5 years.

The most enjoyment I receive in my profession is client feedback, having captured their happiest moments.

Currently, I have mastered the use of photography with digital cameras, specializing in outdoor and indoor lighting.

I look forward to sharing as much experience in my profession, as well as what I enjoy doing, and pass on my training for each student to be the next professional photographer.

Merold Saintilus, Instructor for Videography:

Back home in Haiti, when I was a tween, I used to help my older cousin with videography at multiple churches.  By the time I graduated from high school, I attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for film, video, & media production.


During my 4-year degree there, I was joined by my childhood friend from back home, as we started our business there as partners.  Since then, we have launched our decade-long production ​business where we started film, music video, and audio-visual projects.


Videography filming is my passion and I'm happier when holding the camera, filming.  When I'm filming, starring into the lens, everything around me disappears.


When asked, for instance quite often, 'What do I do to make my film with these affects?'  I'm ready to make sure my students are confident about how to do it.  I would like to leave a legacy where our students will be able to do what I do and beyond, to turn out to be among the best in our field.

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Jean Claude , Instructor for Marketing and Branding:

My love for the arts started when I bought my first Spiderman comic book at the age of 8 years old in Chicago where I was born. This love would land me a place in the exclusive, middle school, magnet program, New World School of the Arts in Miami. My dedication would send me to the Kansas City Art Institute of Missouri where I would graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. 


Since graduation, I began my career working at ad agencies where I developed even more skills in my trade. Pairing my love for the arts with these skills has opened many doors to working in Illustration, graphics design, web development, and now photography and video. Working in these fields has led me to open my photography studio here in South Florida, specializing in corporate headshots, weddings, and corporate events.


As a father of four, three boys and one girl, I have become a teacher by default. Through the years it has always been a blessing to share my knowledge with those who are hungry to learn and know the trade. I love what I do, and I want to share my experience with our students. I'm glad to be a part of the QVP 21st Century Youth curriculum.

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